Sound-tripping bliss
Alvin R Cabral
Friday, June 22, 2012

With its sound clarity and sleek design, the Jabra Halo2 won’t disappoint

Iwas awoken this morning by some noise from the flat above mine. Some nut was dragging really heavy stuff across the floor at six in the morning. Couldn’t have picked a better time to do it, no?

Anyway, instead of going up there with a heavy-duty baseball bat, I just reached out for this week’s star — the Jabra Halo2 — plopped it over my ears, played some music and voila, my temperature quietly simmered down.

Now this headset is a perfect example of ease of use. Its foldable design allows you to switch it on (unfold) or off (fold) — without pressing anything. And you can slide down the earpieces to adjust it according to your head size.

You’ll readily notice that the Halo2 has only one button and a touch-control volume slider on its right earpiece — and these are all you’ll need to enjoy it. The button allows you to answer and end calls, as well as play and pause music.

Sliding your finger up or down the volume control does the obvious, and you can also switch between tracks using it: double-tapping the “+” will shift you to the next track, while doing the same with the “-” will take you to the previous one.

You can also pair off up to eight devices, and have two connected at the same time with MultiUse technology. And to top it all off, Jabra once again doesn’t disappoint with sound clarity and sleek design, like everything else in its brood.

It’s still early in the morning as I finish this and I’m torn on the reasons why I shouldn’t go back to sleep. I could continue sound-tripping with the Halo2 — or actually go up that room ready-to-rumble with that baseball bat. -alvin@khaleejtimes.com

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