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Friday, May 18, 2012

Why you might —or might not — want to be like him


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In the News: The Hulk

Who: Giant green angry beast that loves to smash

Why: The indisputable highlight of The Avengers


Vent. As any doctor or psychologist will tell you, bottling up your feelings can be quite harmful in the long run. Sometimes, you have to just let it all out. Like when mild-mannered genius scientist Bruce Banner (aka, The Hulk) experiences anger or fear, he explodes in a colossal green flash of fury. The doctor approves. We think.

Go green. Wouldn’t you just love it if you could end all arguments, confrontations, fights and emotionally-charged situations by turning into a massive green monster that smashes everything to bits… and still come out the good guy?

Talk less, act more. Too many of us talk more and do less. Not the Hulk. Blessed with a vocabulary of about 4 words, Hulk only sees his objective. And smashes. Hard.



Lose control. When we lose control of ourselves, we’re prone to making mistakes and doing things we may regret later. Like when The Hulk nearly smashes Scarlett Johansson to pieces. And then there’s the billions worth of property damages…

Be uncommunicative. While The Hulk may be blessed with virtually unlimited strength, he’s not exactly the type you’d enjoy dinner and a drink with. “So Hulk, who is the real Sarkozy: charming, pragmatic and media-savvy politician or closet fascist faker?” “HULK ANGRY!!!”

Destroy perfectly good shirts. You have to feel for Banner. It’s bad enough waking up naked in the morning in a strange place, but think about that monthly clothes expenditure. To the geniuses suggesting you wear XXXXL all the time: this isn’t 1995…

Illustration by A.U. Santhoshkumar

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