Good morning, time!
Friday, May 04, 2012

Did you know the time you roll out of bed could be a reflection of the kind of person you are?

The first thing anyone usually looks at in the morning is the face of a clock or a watch. You may or may not be a morning person, however, what time you wake up says a lot about your personality. 

4 am: You’ve beat the birds to it — you’ve even beat the sun to it (unless you’re living in Sweden or thereabouts). A velvety cloak of black covers everything and the recent quiet of those that had a late, late night still hangs in the air. However, you are up and about, earliest of the early birds, getting a head start on the rest of your neighbourhood. Perhaps you are a diver, comfortable with the dark just like it is underwater. Surely, on your wrist is a Certina DS Action Diver, its Superluminova-treated surface and oversized numerals ensuring readability. Or maybe you’re just made of the tough stuff like the Rado range of high-tech hardmetal watches — more durable than steel, gold, and platinum, scratch proof and standing up to the challenges of everyday life.

5 am: Watching the sunrise is an exhilarating experience and maybe you wake up early just to watch the golden globe. Perhaps you do to catch a game of tennis or get in a round of golf before the day begins. Whatever your reason for the early morning, you get to the day with gusto. When you are a natural winner, taking on life, you want to be wearing a Tissot from the Touch collection. These touch-activated watches smoothly pair functionality and high-tech materials. A compass, thermometer, chronograph, dual time zones, two alarms, a backlight and a perpetual calendar complete the feature line-up. Fully equipped for the day, you head out to win every match you play.

6 am: A mug of strong coffee, golden, buttery toast and a sunny side up — what a great way to start the day! There’s nothing that compares to a hot breakfast with the family before you let the world in and you know that little secret to happiness. You take a peek at the watch, a cool and casual Tommy Hilfiger, before you scan the headlines in the newspaper. Or you let your Balmain tell you, the school bus will be here soon. In any case, it’s all working like clockwork — just the way it should!

7 am: Not one to rush a perfect day, you take a peek through the windows and marvel at how fresh the day looks. Do a little toss-up between a few more minutes in bed or an extended bath. A quick look at the Calvin Klein watch by the bedside tells you time flies fast while you are still trying to decide. Good thing, time is still on your side!

8 am: It’s a busy day and you have just enough time to go through the motions. Coffee in one hand, blackberry in another, you’ve hit the day running. You glance at the Mido on your wrist and for a minute its simple, uncluttered feel reminds you of how manageable it all really is. You take a deep breath and dive straight back into it. After all, time and tide wait for no man!

9am: There’s something very nice about waking up at nine — it’s called getting plenty of beauty sleep! Yoga, gym, spa or shopping — decisions, decisions, decisions! Exactly like walking into a store and trying to pick out a watch. Should it be a glamorous Juicy Couture? Or maybe something with a unique bracelet, like a Charriol? Whichever way you look at it, it’s a win-win situation.

10 am: The morning is well on its way and you know you should be too. But what’s the rush? Stop and smell the flowers, enjoy a cuppa tea. Reminisce about last night. Make a plan or two for tonight. Select an elegant dress watch, maybe a Kenzo with the elegant dial or a Tendence that can go easily from day wear to evening wear. After all, it is a world full of possibilities and what time you start the day has nothing to do with when you end it!

11 am: When you live in the city of brunches, this is just the hour when life begins. Safely nestled between breakfast and lunch, it is the magical hour when the glass can never be half empty, only half full. On your wrist, your Swatch Lacquered watch tells you life is a rainbow of fun. Grab every moment and make it count!

12 pm: The bad news is that it is not morning anymore. The good news, however, is that party time is not far away! No slave to time, you can easily go from a racing Hugo Boss to a charming Moschino. Morning blends faultlessly into the noon and noon blends into evening. The time on your wrist says you will change your pace on your own terms and never follow the rules that you didn’t make. After all, who decides when the day begins?

(A full collection of the above mentioned watches are available at Rivoli and Hour Choice stores)



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