Watered Down Milk
Is there more milk in the water-container or water in the milk-container?”
“Be genuine and honest to yourself”
For those who follow football, my role is of a captain who plays centre midfield and for those who follow cricket, I’m expected to be an all-rounder captain.
“Perfection is terrifying”
David Ley, director of the act, on always being in preparation for something larger, and 
living and letting (his house spider) live
Left in a hurry
If you were to write down the numbers from 1 to 1,000,000 in order, then how many digits would you use?
The Timeless Traveller
In the playground of the rich and famous, the Phantom has been the ride of choice. The 2014 Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II keeps the essence of master-class motoring, whilst taking on a new face and making some critical changes
'Success is an ongoing journey'
Success, to me, is an ongoing journey. I would say that hard work and determination are two of the most important factors in the pursuit of a successful journey at work.
City in a Garden
With world famous art and installations located in a “mere” park, and a non-gawking, less attention seeking local population, Chicago — both the city and its denizens — are the epitome of cultural cool
Make-up Mania
Hannah Lisa, Freelance Celebrity make-up artist
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