Middle-Order Mayhem
After a positive reintroduction of GM-owned Opel into the Middle Eastern market, we drove a fair share of good and bad, purposeful and not-so purposeful Opels, but none as confusing the 2014 Opel Astra GTC Cosmo.
Editorís Picks
A weekly round-up of stuff thatís made life better, prettier, entertaining, inspired ó a few of my favourite things
Bath and beyond
Top 5 trendy bathroom upgrades that donít cost a bundle
Renaissance City
With the spirit of Michelangelo guiding you down its cobbled streets, Florence is an art loverís ultimate pilgrimage spot. Sandip Hor takes a cultural tour
'100 failures are a 100 lessons learnt'
Most people start by checking their emails, which makes no sense when neither mind nor body have had the opportunity to ďwake upĒ and plan for a productive day.
Emerald isles
Why go to Seychelles and Maldives when lovely Langkawi offers the same holiday attractions, along with a strong dose of geological heritage?
Dance Dance Dance!
James Castro, co-founder of James & Alex Dance Studios in Dubai Media City
Canal Boating in Yorkshire
Hiring a canal narrow boat to explore Englandís peaceful inland waterways offers entry into a unique and fascinating world
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