Want to dress like the stars?
We tell you how to replicate the latest, hottest celeb looks
“Live life to the max”
Husband, father and managing director (“in order of priority”) of f&b major Purple Honey group Akshay Oberai Dosaj on life after near-death, being an old-fashioned romantic and why he wants to be Spider-Man
Life is for living
You can let regrets weigh you down — or you can use them to propel you on to better things… and a better you. What will you choose?
'Honour the principles of honesty, decency and integrity'
Teamwork. We are only as good as the people we work with. Value your colleagues and share your success.
“One To-Do List is not Enough”
Full-time lawyer, founder of Belquis Handbags and supermum Reem Salman talks multi-tasking
A Touch of Evil
Paris is known as the City of Light… But then, it has its flip side, an amusingly macabre underbelly that Erik Heinrich stumbles upon
‘Smile and make others smile’
Hesham Malik, Prague-based artist, on loving life, painting in the dark and burgers!
Women on top
India’s financial services sector has been highly proactive in empowering women to take up the highest positions in the industry
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